The whole business is arround the quality and standards. There are various grades of Cashew Kernels are available. Depending on the shape,size & colour of the kernels, Cashew Kernel are graded differently. The Govt.of India Act prescribes 33 different grades of cashew kernels. Only 26 grades are commercially available and exported. The importent factor of grading are color, shape and size of the Cashew Kernel.

    Following are the diiferent grades of Cashew Kernels processed and exported by us. Click on the perticular grade for the specification laid down by the Cashew Export Promotion Council of India..


White Wholes Scorched Wholes Dessert Wholes
W 180
W 210
W 240
W 320
W 450
W 500
SW 180
SW 210
SW 240
SW 320
SW 450
SW 500

SSW (Scorched Wholes Seconds)

DW (Dessert Wholes)


White Pieces Scorched Pieces Dessert Pieces
B (Butts)
S (Splits)
LWP (Large White Pieces)
SWP (Small White Pieces)
BB (Baby Bits)
SB (Scorched Butts)
SS (Scorched Splits)
SP (Scorched Pieces)
SSP (Scorched Small Pieces)

SPS (Scorched Pieces Seconds)

DP (Dessert Pieces)

        Cashew kernels have a high nutritive value. Upon exposer to air,  kernels turn rancid and thier nutritive value decreases. It is found that chemical treatment  using antioxidants reduced oxidative rancidity but failed to prevent deterioration in organoleptic characteristics and decreas in protine and carbohydrate content of stored kernels. Considering such precausious mesuares we pack our Cashew Kernels in vacuume packed with nitogen flushed packeges

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